Information for New Clients

Welcome to Edmonson Law – Information for New Clients

At your first visit…

Your consultation appointment will begin with you telling us your reason for coming into Edmonson Law. We will listen as you detail your current situation, questions, concerns, and desired outcome. Then, Attorney Edmonson will explain to you the potential way(s) in which we can help you resolve your matter. There may be multiple avenues to choose from and Attorney Edmonson will inform you of all the possible options, but the manner in which we proceed will always be at your discretion.

Once a plan of action has been decided upon, Attorney Edmonson will further describe both the way in which we will work together by utilizing our online client portal, MyCase, and the expected timeline of your case, emphasizing the stages you will be responsible for participating in. You should leave your consultation appointment fully understanding what will be required of you as a client in order to complete each phase of your case.

After your consultation appointment in order to begin your case, you will need to …

  1. Make your initial retainer payment
  2. Sign the Contract for Legal Services (or Fee Agreement)
  3. Follow the instructions you receive via email to log on to your MyCase account
  4. Complete any additional tasks Attorney Edmonson asked of you during your appointment

You can both pay your retainer and sign your contract in person at the time of your consult or by coming back at a later date. We can also accept payments over the phone or via a check in the mail. If not done in the office, you may submit your signed contract to us via mail, fax, or by uploading it to MyCase.

About MyCase …

MyCase is our online client portal. It is your toolkit to access every facet of your case. First and foremost, MyCase is for communicating. You can send us a message of any length or c respond accordingly. Additionally, should we have any information or questions for you, we will contact you via a MyCase Message. This allows us to keep a cumulative record of all communications and, more importantly, cuts down on time-wasting phone tag. MyCase is also how we will share documents with each other. You can get documents to us by uploading them directly into your MyCase file. MyCase Calendar will keep you updated on upcoming events such as appointments, mediation, and hearing dates. Lastly, your MyCase Portal is how you will receive your billing statement showing the time and expenses spent for that month and your current balance which can also be paid online by following the link in your statement.