Standard Possession Order Visitation

I have a Standard Possession Order. What should I expect my summer visitation schedule to be like?

When parents live within 100 miles of one another, the noncustodial parent is entitled to 30 days of summer visitation with his or her children.

That parent must notify the other parent in writing by April 1st of each year which 30 days of the summer they would like to use as their visitation period.

The 30 days can be consecutive or can be broken into two visits of at least 7 days each.

The visits cannot begin before the children are released from school for summer vacation and cannot take place during the week prior to the 1st day of the new school year.

Visits should begin and end at 6 pm.

During the noncustodial parent’s period of possession, the custodial parent is entitled to 1 weekend visit. The visit must be requested in writing by April 15th and the custodial parent must pick up and drop off the children at the noncustodial parent’s home.

Summer time is all about having fun and relaxing so if you need help planning your summer visits with your children call the Law Offices of Susan M. Edmonson