Category: Family Law

Standard Possession Order Visitation

I have a Standard Possession Order. What should I expect my summer visitation schedule to be like? When parents live within 100 miles of one another, the noncustodial parent is entitled to 30 days of summer visitation with his or her children. That parent must notify the other parent in writing by April 1st of [..]

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Paperwork/Info to Bring for Divorce Meeting

What information or paperwork do I need to bring with me to my first appointment with a divorce lawyer? For the initial filing, your attorney will need the full names of both parties, the full names and dates of birth of your children, and the dates of marriage and separation. If you have already been [..]

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Job/Income Changes & Child Support

If I were to lose my job or my income decreased, what do I do about my Child Support Obligation?’ Child Support is an Order of the Court and remains in effect until the Court’s Order changes. To change the amount of Child Support you pay, you must ask the Court to modify its prior [..]

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