What is joint custody?

What is joint custody and does it mean the children will spend equal time with each parent?

Joint Custody refers to a Joint Managing Conservatorship (JMC) which is a legal term that means both parents are awarded almost all of the rights, duties, and privileges of a parent over their children. One parent is awarded the right to determine where the children live and is given the right to receive Child Support. This parent is often referred to as the “primary” joint managing conservator. JMC does not necessarily mean that there will be an exact, even split of the children’s time between the parents. The Courts in Texas typically order either a Standard Possession Order, which allows for every other weekend visits, or an “Expanded” Standard Possession Order, which increases the length of the visits allowed. If you are a Joint Managing Conservator of your children and feel as though you are not being allowed enough access to them, contact your Family Law Attorney as soon as possible so they may begin the process of either enforcing the Order in place or modifying the Order to allow for more time with your children.